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Mindful Moments:

Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life

How do you start your day?
And how do you end it?
What about when you pause between tasks?
Where does your mind go?

This heart-based time tool has marked
a new direction for me -- one that I'm very excited about.

Mindful Moments: Heart-Based Reflections on Time and Life
is a deck of cards that I've created to offer you 50 rich reflection points to deepen your day.

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The 50 cards in your Mindful Moments deck raise thought-provoking questions and give you practical tips.
Maybe you'll draw a card in the morning with your coffee and think about it throughout your day.
Or perhaps a card that puzzled you when you first read it will come clear in a dream.

Your Mindful Moments deck comes ready-to-use in a drawstring pouch to keep your cards protected and accessible.
So, draw a card at random whenever you want.
Or deal yourself a hand of cards and refer to it through your week.
There's no limit to the possibilities.

GET TO KNOW YOURSELF BETTER: Identify and experience your deepest and truest feelings as you contemplate the questions raised in these cards.

OPEN YOUR EYES: Let these cards help you uncover hidden fears and feelings so that you move through your day with clear vision.

GET UNSTUCK: Whether it's worries or clutter or procrastination that's in your way, you'll find helpful ideas here for letting go.

ACCEPT CHANGE: While it's a fact of life, change can be challenging. Here you'll find encouraging ideas for embracing it.

DISCOVER WHAT YOU LOVE: What do you look forward to? How will you give it to yourself? Not in some abstract or distant future, but in a planful, concrete, doable way?

Pause anytime during your day,
dip into a Mindful Moment,
and see what you discover.

What people say about Paula Eder's Time Tools:  

"Paula Eder has a way of looking at time that's different, and deeper, than anyone else I've known." Sandra Martini, Business & Client Care Advisor www.TheMartiniWay.com  

"Paula, I love your tips! I just got a new job and
I am definitely going to follow them for my success."

"Sometimes the simplest tip is the one you actually need. Thanks again.
I really look forward to your tips, and yours are the only ones I always open."

"Much appreciation for who you are and what you do and share with the world!"
Terri Zwierzynski

Paula Eder

A Word From Paula

My passion is helping people understand time through the gateway of their hearts. And I'm especially excited about this time tool because it gives you another way to create Mindful Moments in your life.

As you explore this process you deepen and expand your relationship with yourself. The empowered choices this leads to are life-changing. That's why I'm so pleased to share this compelling card deck with you.

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