WHAT THIS COMPLIMENTARY PLANNER OFFERS Does retirement sound good to you? Or does it bring up fears and worries? Are you approaching this transition with dread? Is it something you're looking forward to? Well, whatever your starting point, this planner will help you connect with your heart and create a retirement plan that works for your own, unique situation.

This step-by-step exploration offers you a clear path for making this most profound and exciting transition. Start creating the roadmap you'll use for moving from where you are to where you'd like to be.

KNOW THYSELF Identify and experience your deepest and truest feelings as you approach this important transition.

LET GO OF WORRIES Explore and address the worries that gnaw and nag, when you think about retiring.

DISCOVER WHAT YOU LOVE What are you looking forward to in retirement and how will you make it happen?

GOT BAGGAGE? Often we bring old baggage to new situations. Here's your chance to get a handle on what you're carrying and start to unpack it.

TAKE CHARGE Use this Heart-Based Planner to exercise more positive control over your time and move into retirement, or any transition with your eyes wide open.

What people say about Finding Time:  

"Paula Eder has a way of looking at time that's different, and deeper, than anyone else I've known." Sandra Martini, Business & Client Care Advisor www.TheMartiniWay.com  

"Making the transition from being employed by others to self employment has been challenging for me. Paula has helped me understand my need for a predictable structure and that taking time for my emotional, spiritual and physical needs is a high priority. I recommend Paula to anyone who wishes to increase his or her personal satisfaction by taking action on values based choices." Lee B

"Paula is a process person. And that has been key for me. When I retired after 27 years of interacting with more than 100 people daily to become a consultant, I became acutely aware that I was 'time challenged.' Paula helped me build a new way to deal with my now totally flexible time. She helped me create a new time sense."  

Sandy K 

Paula Eder

A Word From Paula

My passion is helping people understand time through the gateway of their hearts. And I'm especially excited about this complimentary time tool because it gives you a practical path for Heart-Based Retirement Planning.

As you explore this process you deepen and expand your relationship with yourself. The empowered choices this leads to are life-changing. That's why I'm so pleased to share this complimentary planner with you.